Presentations and Publications by Instructors

Comparison of Several Types of Water Treatments: Capabilities and Expected Results
Florida Rural Water Association Annual Conference, Orlando, Fla., October 1994.

Comparison of Different Types of Membrane Systems: Capabilities and Expected Results
National Rural Water Association Biennial Conference, San Diego, Calif., July 1996.

Basic Understanding of the Membrane System for Future Operators
Illsavic College, Barrow, Ark., April 1997.

The Water Treatment Industry as a Career Choice
Lake Worth High School, Lake Worth, Fla., May 1998

Instrumentation and Control for a Membrane System
Western Canada Section AWWA, Application of Membrane Technology for Drinking Water Seminar, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 1999.

Water Quality Enhancements for an Island Nation
AMTA Biennial Conference, Tampa, Fla., August 2003.

Theory and Application of Membrane Treatments
FRWA Annual Conference, Daytona, Fla., August 2003.

Membrane Cleaning
SEDA Semiannual Conference, Naples, Fla., October 2003.

Membrane Cleaning
FWPCOA Region V Short School, Port St. Lucie, Fla., May 2004.

Start-up Sanitizing and Cleaning Protocols
SEDA Semiannual Conference, Jensen Beach, Fla., June 2004.

Membrane Plant Operational Protocols to Maximize Efficiency
Joint AMTA/SEDA Symposium, Hawks Cay, Fla., October 2004.

Membrane Treatment Systems
FSAWWA Region 8, Luncheon Speaker, Port St Lucie, Fla., May 2005

Post Treatment Techniques
SEDA MOC Program, SEDA/FWPCOA Short School, Fort Pierce, Fla., August 2005

Advances in Brackish Water RO
SEDA Spring Symposium, Captiva Island, Fla., June 2006

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