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  • The growth in the size and complexity of municipal and potable water treatment facilities demands innovative, durable, cost-saving water purification solutions. Municipal applications often involve high-and-low rejection brackish water systems, seawater desalination, and chemical/organic removal. In addition, municipalities are recycling and reusing treated wastewater to better manage water supplies and provide quality water.

    Aerex® is committed to developing advanced solutions for current and future challenges facing the earth’s most precious resource. Our expertise in water filtration systems allows us to analyze your particular water situation and water quality requirements to find the solution that best suits your needs.

  • Industrial markets are among the largest consumers of water and generally require that water be free of chlorides, iron, manganese and dissolved gases. Surface and well water are processed for numerous industrial applications, including wastewater recycling and reclaimed water discharge. Aerex® can help industrial and agricultural customers handle their most complex water treatment challenges.

  • We combine our proven state-of-the-art water treatment processes with conventional wastewater treatment processes to reclaim wastewater for non-potable needs. This innovative practice has the potential to reduce withdrawals required to satisfy current demand and decrease the volume of effluent discharged to receiving waters. Substitution of reclaimed, non-potable water for uses which do not require potable water (e.g. some industrial uses and irrigation) could reduce demand on current potable water supplies, extending the life of the current source and treatment capacity

  • Aerex’s® creates revolutionary efficiency through innovative practices of using highly processed wastewater discharges to meet non-potable water demands. Beyond the obvious advantage of displacing demand, there is the possibility of using reclaimed water to recharge aquifers. Success of projects throughout the country over several decades indicates aquifer recharge with reclaimed water can be an effective method to help preserve and protect the water resources.

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